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New Programs
All of our Programs deal with important aspects of Education. While there certainly are many issues worthy of not-for-profit support, the focus and concentration of The Partners of '63 is on Education — broadly defined.

The Partners of '63 is not primarily a source of potential funds for charitable organizations. This is a role for traditional foundations. We are applying another resource — our time and our personal networks.

Our present priority is to support the four Active Programs that we have endorsed. In addition, we are actively soliciting proposals for New Programs that are enthusiastically sponsored by one or more of our Partners. Eventually, we will need the endorsement of two additional Partners — but we will help you locate those additional Partners.

Any Partner is welcome to submit a potential New Program for our consideration. Ideally, your initiative is very successful at the pilot stage and is ready to roll out on a regional or national level. It may focus on an issue or opportunity you feel no one is yet addressing (like Don Nielsen's Leadership initiative), where Partners63 might bring something unique to bear. After you join The Partners of '63, you will receive more information on exactly how to submit your proposal.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept any proposal from anyone except one of our Partners. Sorry. Please accept our apologies and remember that our organization is new and our resources are limited.

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