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The Partners of '63 ("Partners63") recognizes — and celebrates — that each of our Classmates will be a part-timer, and each has other commitments. We have reached our goal of a "critical mass" of 85 Participants. We hope to continue to expand to over 100 Classmates participating. Working together and involving our personal networks, The Partners of '63 can become a useful force in pro bono initiatives in education for all.

Classmates, please reflect on how much time and treasure you can commit. Remember that this is a unique opportunity to renew old friendships — and develop new ones. All of us will be working toward a common goal. We ask you to "self select" the level of active participation that is right for you. (We hope you err on the high side.)

Membership is open to all members of the HBS class of 1963 and to their spouses. In a truly "self-selection" process, those who commit the most time and treasure will be our leaders.

Members — $630 per year. Members will be kept informed of all The Partners of '63 activities, and are very welcome to join in any program they wish — either through financial or time commitments — and are welcome to submit potential new programs for consideration.

Partners — Each Partner should be prepared to commit 10 days or $10,000 per year — or a proportional combination — to their choice of The Partners of '63 Active Programs or help in the administration of The Partners of '63. (Cash contributions can be used to offset time commitments at the rate of $1,000 per day — and vice versa.)

Dollars can be contributed for unrestricted use by Partners63, or earmarked to one or more of our Active Programs.

We have a "suggested minimum" contribution of $2,500 plus 7.5 days. However, for those classmates that just want to put in time, or contribute a cash amount of less than $2,500, we will willingly accept days in lieu of dollars at the rate of $1,000 per day.

Senior Partner — Each Senior Partner will commit 25 days or $25,000 annually — or a blend — and will be actively involved in the leadership of Partners63. The "suggested minimum" contribution is $10,000. (The Senior Partner cash contributions can be either "given or gotten" from outside sources.)

Our first year, for fee purposes, extended until December 31, 2002! You were asked to renew your participation for calendar year 2003 in the fall of 2002.

We hope you decide — today — to join The Partners of '63. Click here to Enroll.

Once you have decided to join The Partners of '63, we hope you will involve your Spouse or Significant Other. There is no additional fee for a Spouse or Significant Other to join and attain Member status in The Partners of '63. However, we expect the Spouse or Significant Other to make a time commitment and actively participate in one or more of our Active Programs. The "suggested minimum" time commitment is four days annually. Click here to Enroll.

We also extend a very special welcome to widows or widowers of deceased Classmates. We sincerely hope you will join with us, and will be pleased to enroll you exactly on the same basis as a Classmate. Your participation will help keep our memory of a deceased Classmate active in our minds. Just mention the deceased Classmates' name in the "comments" section. Click here to Enroll.

We hope you'll be genuinely interested in joining with us — and that you'll have fun and make a contribution to "social entrepreneurship" in education that you will find truly satisfying.

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