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Education Reform
Situation Analysis
Issues and Challenges
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The Issues and Challenges tend to cluster into three broad areas:

Performance Standards and Accountability:
Continue improvement in academic standards
Develop assessment systems that are aligned with standards
Business link hiring practices to student performance
School-to-work programs for non-college bound students

Public Funding of Education:
Removing barriers to creation of charter schools
Parental choice of schools their children attend
Focus on public system's effectiveness, making it less attractive to divert funds/students

Management Model:
Adversarial collective bargaining vs. new model that emphasizes common interests of teachers, principals, district officials
Link teacher pay to performance in classroom and market conditions vs. years-tenure, credentials
Transform school boards from education micro managers to policy-setting bodies
Create organizations to help Superintendents and Principals learn to run new schools in a new environment
Upgrade the recruiting, selection, training, and support systems for new teachers

We want to know which of these issues are of most interest to you. Just click the box next to the issue that interests you and then print the page (in "Landscape" format to ensure you capture the entire page). In addition, if you have some direct experience on the issue, send us a short letter that summarizes that experience.

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