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Education Reform
Situation Analysis
Issues and Challenges
The Nielsen Paper
Reading List
The purpose of this section of our Web site is to provide insights on the very complex subject of Education Reform — and over time, help provide all of us with a common understanding of the principal issues involved in public education today.

The Situation Analysis is a view from 40,000 feet — to scope the problem and summarize the status of reform in recent years.

Issues and Challenges identifies the main strategies or initiatives underway to cope with and resolve the problem.

Taken together, Situation Analysis and Issues and Challenges present a snapshot of the state of public education in the U.S. as we begin our effort to improve the system of educating all of our nation's children.

Don Nielsen, our classmate and early supporter of The Partners of '63, has been on a "personal odyssey" aimed at Education Reform. He has focused almost all of his time on this issue during the last eight years. Currently, Don is serving as President of the Seattle Public School Board. The Nielsen Paper articulates his thought-provoking analysis: "Standards and Public Education."

The final section is our Reading List. It outlines a series of books and articles that address, in depth, many of the topics summarized in Issues and Challenges. Most of the articles cited are either linked to a source or can be downloaded from our own files.1

1 The Committee of Economic Development, a non partisan independent policy research organization has been most helpful. They have a strong interest in education reform and have granted us permission to access their published and unpublished work.

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