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Ruler Group: Building Emotionally Literate Schools

What is The RULER Approach?

How are you feeling? It's not an idle question. The idea that feelings matter - and matter a great deal - is the foundation of The RULER Approach. Through a sophisticated yet accessible series of professional development offerings, The RULER Approach teaches 5 key emotional literacy skills:

Recognizing emotions in oneself and others
Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions
Labeling the full range of emotions using a rich vocabulary
Expressing emotions appropriately in different contexts
Regulating emotions effectively to foster healthy relationships and achieve goals

Research suggests that developing emotional literacy fosters a range of behaviors and attitudes essential to positive development and academic achievement. This research has proven that emotional skills are integral to learning, making sound judgments, forming healthy relationships, physical and mental health, and achieving both in and out of the classroom. After one year of implementing The RULER Approach, students in RULER classrooms (compared to those who were not) had higher end of year grades, better study, social skills, and fewer attention and learning problems. RULER classrooms also were observed to be more positive learning environments.

The following differences were found between RULER and comparison classrooms:

11% difference in end of year grades (measured by report cards)
19% difference in adaptability (greater study, social, and leadership skills)
17% difference in school problems (fewer attention and learning problems)
12% difference in observed positive emotional climate

These results drive Ruler Group’s belief that an emotionally literate and socially skilled society is a better educated, more peaceful, healthy and productive society.

The RULER Approach prepares school leaders to develop a sustainable and affordable model to build capacity within their schools and districts, using a Train-the-Trainer approach. This means that RULER trained trainers gain advanced knowledge of The RULER Approach and become proficient at delivering all professional development offerings in their school, including workshops and coaching sessions. This comprehensive model ensures that students, teachers, special service providers, support staff, school leaders, and families receive the long-term benefits of The RULER Approach.

Who is behind Ruler Group?

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Marc Brackett, Deputy Director of the Health, Emotion, and Behavior Laboratory at Yale University, Ruler Group stands out not only because the programs are theoretically grounded and research-based, but because of its team of world-class educators, school administrators, and researchers. Adopted by hundreds of schools internationally, Ruler Group is one of the world’s leading providers of evidence-based social and emotional learning programs.

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Partners of '63 Role

Partners of '63 works with Marc Brackett on all aspects of organization, management, and overall growth strategy. We expect to continue our role indefinitely and continue to gain even greater confidence in Ruler Group, Marc, and our working relationship.

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