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Expeditionary Learning Schools (ELS), a
division of Outward Bound USA, is a nonprofit school improvement and teacher development organization. As of April 2005, 143 American schools (grade, middle or high) are under contract with Expeditionary Learning; 3,766 teachers use a “learning expeditions” model to structure the entire school experience of 42,335 students.

 “Learning expeditions” have no relationship, necessarily, to the wilderness environments in which other Outward Bound lessons take place. They abstract what Outward Bound has learned about expedition-based learning, and apply it to the school curriculum in the classroom environment, together with core values that underlie the Outward Bound brand.

Partners of '63 Role

Program manager Doug Tansill has joined the ELS board. Doug will identify areas in which we can best contribute, and build a Partners program team accordingly.

Our first assignment has been to advise (then) Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound in clarifying and strengthening its own identity. The outcome is its more freestanding name (with "Schools" added), the tagline "a Division of Outward Bound," and a graphic signature incorporating Outward Bound's compass symbol. To make this possible, we led a review, reconfiguration and redesign of the Outward Bound USA brand.

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