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Partners of '63 is a growing group of Harvard Business School classmates — Class of '63 — who are interested in helping pro bono entrepreneurs achieve success in dealing with some of America's real problems. Our particular area of interest is education for kids in tough circumstances.

All of us are committed to encourage as many Classmates as possible to join Partners63 — particularly those who can and will invest their time. We will do our best to match interests with needs, and recognize that your time commitment can change (up or down) over time.

Incidentally, throughout this Web site, Classmates will see a reference to each of us as Partner, even though we have three levels of participation — Member, Partner, and Senior Partner. But here again, Partners63 should be unique. Our Classmates "self-select" both their level of participation and the specific Programs most interesting to them. In our current organization, structure is deliberately very fluid.

Our Managing Partner is Charley Ellis, Howard Stein is our Treasurer, and Tony Spaeth is Secretary. Our Chairman is Fred Joseph.

Much of our early activities center around the screening, endorsement, and program management of our first four Active Programs. The Program Committee consists of Don Ackerman, Ian Arnof, Fred Joseph, Don Nielsen, Fred O'Such, John Roche, Charlie Tillinghast, and Jim Utaski.

Fred O'Such is serving as Chairman, Program Committee and Charlie Tillinghast is Vice Chair, New Programs. Four Committee members also serve as Programs Managers.

Partners of '63 is truly an independent entity and is not connected to Harvard University or its alumni organizations. Our common link is that each of us spent two years on the banks of the Charles River about 40 years ago, and all of us continue to have a high regard for the Harvard Business School and it's important role in educating business leaders.

Our legal entity is The Gang of '63 Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 status, not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of New York. Our ID# is 13-414-7092. There are no shareholders in this type of corporation. This legal entity has officers, directors, etc. However, from an operating (rather than a legal) standpoint look at us as a true partnership with key decisions shared by the Partners and Senior Partners. We will be doing business as ("d/b/a") Partners of '63. The analogy is to view us as a "holding company" above (required to help insure tax deductibility of your contributions) with a Partnership structure underneath.

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